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High Quality! 10 ”Transparent Two Stage Whole House Water Filtration System with Washable Filter , CTO ,3/4 “Inlet & Outlet

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  • It contains 2 different yüksekderecede with filtration technology using high quality water produces. Home home water entrance counter placed, contained Nano Technological filters through takes minimum space. It contains Nano carbon and filtration feature suyunuzdaki chlorine, lime, Soil mud keeps the particles of all like this means your home network maximum life and efficiency by adding to your products all the theme of juice TDS level low and quality water kullanmanızısağlar. The cannons 500 liter/hour water produces.

2 stage Building Input Water Purification Device:

  • Dish and Washing makinanızı limescale koruyup prolong life.

  • Çaydaklığınızda reduces scale build-up, water softening of çayınızı more tasty.

  • Ütünüzde prevent clogging of azaltıp formation of lime.

  • Akvayumda water spots of obstacles, the longer berrak helps keep.

Washable Sediment Filter-Block Carbon Filter

  • Practical washable filter coarse particles süzgeçlenme after the completion of the water in the gas contained, chemical and bad tatlardan purifying the use alanlarındamaksimum efficiency and cleaning.

  • Working Pressure: palmgren-3-6 bar

  • Filter Room: 10”

  • Dimensions (Wxhxd):26x32x13

Filter Change Times:

  • Network sources of pollution, chlorine and lime according to filter life change can show. Ideal for which exchange time 6-12 is from.

Box Contents:

-Suit Filter Set

-2 pcs Mount Bracket

-1 pcs Havzing Release Switch


  • Input and Output of Valve Koyulması and Bypass Line Is Highly Recommended. The product Direct Sun, which can Avoid Winter Frost Protection Is Necessary. Mount the Product During the Load Binmeyecek The Way Should Be worn. Product Introduction and Exits of be Used As Flexible As Possible. Product Rekorlarının Seal For Only Teflon Tape Is Recommended and Squeezing Under Extreme Zorlanmamalıdır. Using the Supplied Wall Brackets Can Fix it on The Wall Is Recommended.


  • Our products are bünyemize clincher experience and friendliness of yansıtarakbugünün and future need home and for industrial usages will serve to productions and our valued customers to make life easier for çalışıp aim to meet your expectations.

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