3 boxes of Tien Lipid Metabolic Management new package

$ 82.83


3 boxes of Tien Lipid Metabolic Management new package

$ 82.83

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Please noted:
production date: on the bottom of the box
Shelf life:18 months

lipid metabolic management

Valid: 18months, with the latest manufature date

Regulate blood lipids improve atherosclerosis prevention of cardiovascular system ( 40 bags / box )

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern research to Gynostemma, lotus leaf , Radix , green tea , cassia and other raw materials and refined.

regulate blood lipid health effects.

Recommended Intake : 2-3 times a day , every 1-2 bags. Soaked with water 10 minutes after drinking , can be repeated brewed into tea.

Not suitable for people : children.

Nutrition and Content : Each 100 g contains: Gypenosides ≥ 8.5mg

The crowd: hypertension , coronary heart disease , stroke , atherosclerosis, high cholesterol in the elderly population and

Storage: ventilated, cool , dry place.

Shelf life: 18 months

Specifications : 1.5g × 40 bags / box

Note: This product can not replace the role of drug therapy

Tiens brand Fat Tea fully absorb the natural herbal extracts , green tea as raw materials , selection of Gynostemma , cassia seed , lotus leaf , Radix et pure herbal refined, with lipid-lowering , heat , digestion , spleen and stomach and so on.

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia is a common clinical symptoms present, if they are not active and effective prevention and control , can induce such as coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, a serious threat to people's health. Medical studies have shown that too much cholesterol and other lipids , such as the lack of normal metabolism and decomposition will form atherosclerotic arterial intima Shen diarrhea , long time is caused by hardening of the arteries , called atherosclerosis . The formation of atherosclerosis can clog blood vessels in normal operation , the pressure due to the obstruction of blood flow increases , the formation of hypertension , hypertension is currently one of modern man walked into the hospital's major diseases . If coronary atherosclerosis , and occurs on the basis of spasm, stenosis or occlusion, thereby forming atherosclerotic coronary heart disease , called coronary heart disease. Epidemiological studies suggest that high blood cholesterol greater than 260 mg % of coronary heart disease incidence rate of blood cholesterol less than 200 mg % of five times , while elevated triglycerides have the same meaning.

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every 100 grams contains: gypenoside>=8.5mg



Usage And Dosage

2-3 times a day, 1-2 bags each time,

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