Return Policy”
In case of problems with the product after receiving the product (eg: product broken, torn, wrong size, product not working, product does not match with the picture, etc.) you can get back the full value of the purchased product subject to the following conditions.

1) Within a maximum of 96 hours after receipt of delivery you need to mail to,
2) In case of a refund, the product should be completely intact with the box.

3) When unboxing the product, you must keep the unboxing video, you have to send so much mail with all the evidence. (Compulsory)
4) You must return the product at your own responsibility within a maximum of 15 working days to the office of (TRANSCTG.COM).

5) Products that have a price tag on them and for some reason ( – if the price is higher than that, in case of extra price, you have to register a complaint by mail to within 96 hours. If your complaint is corrected, the extra value you paid will be refunded by the developer within 7 to 30 working days.


Our Complaints Team will call you for any complaints regarding products and services. We want to get you active on the phone until your complaint is resolved. If your contact number is not active, an alternative number must be active. You need to

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